22nd June 2018, Melbourne, Australia


    The Angular Conf Australia - is a conference dedicated to learning and mastering Angular - world’s most popular web development platform for building web and mobile applications.

    Designed for developers

    By developers

    Being 100% community driven it has been designed for developers who use Angular and modern web development tools. Angular Conf Australia features in-depth technical workshops, the latest techniques and insights to help you build something great.


    With top industry experts

    On top of great content, Angular Conf Australia also aims to be a great place for people to socialize, make new friends and meet old ones, learn, share ideas and of course hack on Angular.

    All sides of Angular ecosystem

    True platform experience

    Native mobile, desktop and progressive web apps, security, performance, code generation and splitting, CLI, IDE, accessibility, testing and animation.



  • TEAM

    The Angular Conf Australia has been created by founders of Angular Melbourne Meetup - one of the largest web development communities in Australia with over 3500 members. All founders have an esteemed career involving participation and organisation of events on an international level.

    Alex Burakevych

    Alex Burakevych is the founder of Angular Melbourne and Angular Mini Conf. He created large and vibrant Angular community in Australia.

    Rick Giner

    Rick Giner is founder of several community events including BuzzConf

    Robin Buckley

    Robin Buckley is a charismatic speaker and Angular advocate who has been actively involved in the technology community for the past several years.


    Call for speakers

    Co-Founder, This Dot Labs & Google Developer Expert

    Tracy is a Google Developer Expert, a Women Techmakers Lead, and on the RxJS Learning Team. She is the organizer of This.JavaScript, Modern Web, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group, and RxWorkshop. She is also Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, an elite consultancy helping teams build front end applications.


    You can find her on Twitter @ladyleet or at http://thisdot.co/labs.

    Call for speakers

    Former Member of the Angular Team, Google Developer Expert

    Minko is a co-founder of Rhyme.com and has a big passion for open source. He loves to experiment with theoretical computer science concepts and apply them in practice.

    Minko teaches, speaks and writes about JavaScript and Angular. Some of the projects he works on are his books “Switching to Angular”, codelyzer, the official Angular style guide, Angular Seed and many others.

    Call for speakers

    Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

    Ben Lesh is the lead author and development lead of RxJS 5, which is a rewrite of RxJS with goals of better performance and JavaScript future specification compliance.

    He is also the co-author of redux-observable and has contributed to various open source projects such as Angular.js and Redux.

    In addition to advising the Angular team on their Rx integration, Ben is also a Founder of RxWorkshop.

    Call for speakers

    Google Developer Expert

    Wilson is a Google Developer Expert on Angular and Web Technologies and international speaker. He is passionate OSS contributor and active in the communities around Angular, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Workflow, web performance, security and Internet of things.





    Call for speakers

    Developer Relations at Telerik/ProgressSW.

    John is a software developer and a member of the Developer Relations team at Progress. He's focused on helping developers target front-end and mobile platforms.

    He has been working with NativeScript - Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript.


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