• Angular conf Australia


    22nd June 2018, Melbourne, Australia


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    Talk Previews

    ComponentsConf is the first Australian conference for front-end and full-stack developers with exclusive focus on JavaScript frameworks where world-class experts share unique insights.

    The conference is featuring multiple tracks where our speakers would share their knowledge and expertise not only in established technologies like React, Angular and Vue, but also in emerging cutting-edge mobile and web tech stacks.

    Alex Burakevych

    The conference

    Alex is the founder of the conference, public speaker and a frontend developer passionate about community, technology and innovation.

    Tracy Lee (@ladyleet)


    Tracy is a Google Developer Expert, a Women Techmakers Lead, and on the RxJS Core Team. She will be talking about RxJS in her keynote

    Minko Gechev

    Faster Angular Applications

    Minko is a Former Member of the Angular Mobile Team, Google Developer Expert. He will be talking about performance of Angular Apps

    Phillip Zada

    Workshop: Reactive State with NGRX

    Learn how to utilise the power of NGRX for state management, including the tooling, best practices and testing patterns.

  • All Speakers

    Tracy Lee

    Co-Founder, This Dot Labs & Google Developer Expert

    Tracy is a Google Developer Expert, a Women Techmakers Lead, and on the RxJS Learning Team. She is the organizer of This.JavaScript, Modern Web, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group, and RxWorkshop. She is also Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, an elite consultancy helping teams build front end applications.


    You can find her on Twitter @ladyleet or at http://thisdot.co/labs.



    Minko Gechev

    Angular Core Team, Google Developer Expert

    Minko is a co-founder of Rhyme.com and has a big passion for open source. He loves to experiment with theoretical computer science concepts and apply them in practice.


    Minko teaches, speaks and writes about JavaScript and Angular. Some of the projects he works on are his books “Switching to Angular”, codelyzer, the official Angular style guide, Angular Seed and many others.

    Wil Mendes

    Google Developer Expert Web Technologies

    Wilson is a Google Developer Expert on Angular and Web Technologies and international speaker.


    He is passionate OSS contributor and active in the communities around Angular, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Workflow, web performance, security and Internet of things.




    John Brostowe

    Developer Relations at Telerik/ProgressSW.

    John is a software developer and a member of the Developer Relations team at Progress.


    He's focused on helping developers target front-end and mobile platforms.


    He has been working with NativeScript - Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript.

    Erin Zimmer

    Google Developer Expert, Mozilla Tech Speaker and Senior Front End Developer

    Erin has been working as a Senior Front End Developer on the new Digital iD project at Australia Post for the last year, after narrowly escaping a 10-year stint working as a web developer (amongst other things) for the federal government in Canberra.


    Erin is a software developer and likes making things out of code or string.



    Phil Nash

    Developer Evangelist at Twilio and Google Developer Expert

    Phil has been in the web industry for 10 years building with JavaScript, Ruby and Swift. He can be found hanging out at meetups and conferences, playing with new technologies and APIs or writing open source code online.


    Sometimes he makes his own beer, but he's more likely to be found discovering new ones around the world.


    Phil tweets at @philnash and you can find him elsewhere online at https://philna.sh.

    Ciro Nunes

    Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular

    Ciro Nunes is a frontend developer, trainer and speaker. Google Developer Expert in Angular and web technologies.


    He has been contributing to the Angular community since its beginning, organising meetups, speaking at conferences all around the world, developing tools and teaching.


    When he’s not in the computer you can find him in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mats around the world, playing soccer or online games.

  • Workshops

    You need to have Angular Conf Australia and a Workshop ticket to access workshops

    Saturday, 16 June | 3:00pm - 6:00pm

    Level 6, 15 William St., Melbourne 3000

    Introduction to Angular

    Location: Cognizant Digital Business, Level 6, 15 William St., Melbourne 3000

    Level: beginner/intermediate

    Spaces are subject to availability


    At this Introduction to Angular 6 workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience using Angular.


    What do you need to take the most out of the workshop:

    - Laptop

    - Basic knowledge of CSS, HTML and any mainstream programming language - Javascript, Java, C#, Python etc.


    What you’ll learn?

    At the end of this session, you’ll have created a simple web chat client. You will be guided through chat client set-up and how to connect a chat client to a server. Your ultimate goal will be to send text messages to your fellow workshop attendees via your very own chat client.




    Wednesday, 20 June | 12:00pm - 5:00pm

    Level 17, 181 William St., Melbourne 3000

    Creating Progressive Angular Apps Powered by Firebase

    Location: Findex, Level 17, 181 William St., Melbourne 3000

    Level: beginner/intermediate

    Spaces are subject to availability


    Learn how to leverage the tools of the Angular platform to create an expense management PWA powered by Firebase.


    What do you need to take the most out of the workshop:
    - Be familiar with the Angular ecosystem (Angular CLI and TypeScript)
    - The basics of Angular (modules, components and services)


    What you’ll learn?
    - How to automatically make your existing application a Progressive Web App or create a new one
    - How to create or make an existing app, a SSR (Server-side rendered) app using Universal
    - How to use lighthouse and the devtools to improve the performance further and implement the best practices
    - How to engage with the users with push notifications


    Thursday, 21 June | 9:00am - 2:00pm

    Reactive State with NGRX

    Level 11, 111 Bourke St., Melbourne 3000

    Location: Australia Post, Level 11, 111 Bourke St., Melbourne 3000

    Level: intermediate

    Spaces are subject to availability


    Learn how to utilise the power of NGRX for state management, including the tooling, best practices and testing patterns.

    What do you need, to take the most out of the workshop?

    - Be familiar with the Angular Ecosystem (Angular CLI and TypeScript)

    - The basics of Angular (modules, components and services)

    - Be familiar with Git

    - Don't forget your laptop


    What will we be covering?

    - Introduction to Redux, RXJS and NGRX

    - We are going to take an existing application and migrate it away from traditional Angular pattern to use NGRX for state management

    - Introduction to the Redux Dev Tools and utilising middleware to provide additional functionality

    - Review of some best practices and optimisations that will increase application performance

    - Learn how to write unit tests for different aspects of NGRX



    Thursday, 21 June | 2:00pm - 6:00pm

    Introduction to Mobile App Development with NativeScript

    Level 11, 111 Bourke St., Melbourne 3000

    Location: Australia Post, Level 11, 111 Bourke St., Melbourne 3000

    Level: beginner/intermediate

    Spaces are subject to availability


    Get your hands dirty building mobile apps for iOS and Android with NativeScript!


    What do you need, to take the most out of the workshop?

    - A laptop for building apps

    - A mobile device (iOS or Android) is not required but would be good to have

    - Angular fundamentals are not required but would be handy

    - Some understanding of mobile development

    - System setup instructions are available on Github


    What will we be covering?

    - Basics of mobile app development

    - Introduction to NativeScript

    - Introduction to NativeScript Playground

    - The basics of building a mobile app with NativeScript (UI, navigation, components and services)

    - NativeScript plugins

    - Some advanced scenarios with mobile apps


  • Sessions

    22nd June 2018

    09:30 | Opening remarks


    09:45 | Keynote

    Tracy Lee

    There will always be a new JavaScript framework to learn. Technology will continue to evolve and change, and developers will continue to rewrite applications. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could just copy paste 90% of our code from framework to framework?


    Well, you can. Reactive programming and RxJS enables just this AND the ability to future proof your code.

    10:30 | Break


    11:00 | Faster Angular Applications

    Minko Gechev

    One thing is sure - performance matters! Blocking the main thread of an application, causing frame drops, is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of a significant portion of our users.

    Fortunately, the day could be saved, thanks to functional programming. Coming with, at first, abstract ideas, functional programming brings the concepts of immutability and purity, which combined together can dramatically improve the rendering performance of our application.

    In this talk, we'll apply concepts from functional programming in the face of pure components, pure pipes and persistent data structures. We'll demonstrate in details how we can use them to build high-performant Angular applications.

    11:45 | Angular CLI: Go Beyond ng new

    Ciro Nunes

    Get the most out of the Angular CLI. Learn how to use lesser known features and best practices of the CLI to unleash its full power and become even more productive.

    12:15 | Lunch Break

    13:15 | Angular, the Event Loop & You

    Erin Zimmer

    Angular change detection might seem like magic, but, under the hood, it’s using a library called ZoneJS. ZoneJS allows you to hijack the standard WebAPI calls and manipulate them towards your own end.


    We’re going to have a look at how Angular and ZoneJS interfere with the normal running of the event loop, why that's a good thing, and how to deal with it in your code.

    13:45 | Angular Components: Decoupled, Shared, Reusable & OpenSource

    Wilson Mendes

    Are you working with a big Angular component based application? Components are the best way to share your code across web apps, having extreme importance for the success of your project, but how to start? How to validate if you are really doing great sharing your components thinking in something decoupled and reusable?

    In this talk we will learn how to contribute to the NG-Ecosystem sharing your components, how to improve and share modules between applications, manage code quality, semantic versioning and more that makes your life easier and productive.

    14:30 | Afternoon Tea Break

    15:00 | Service Workers - Beyond The Cache

    Phil Nash

    Angular 6 comes with a service worker cache implementation out of the box, which is a great start for building modern, resilient, progressive web applications. But only using the service worker's cache is like driving a sports car in 3rd gear at the most.

    We'll dive into push notifications, background sync and other experimental service worker features, showing what they can be used for and how to integrate them in your Angular app. Together we'll see how to make your Angular apps appier and your users happier.

    15:45 | Building Native Mobile Applications with Angular and NativeScript

    John Bristowe

    NativeScript is an open source framework for building native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript. When used with Angular, NativeScript provides a powerful combination for building native mobile apps. That's because it integrates incredibly well. In fact, much of NativeScript has been engineered with Angular in-mind. This session will go into detail about what NativeScript is all about as well as cover how it integrates super-well with Angular. Attendees with get a detailed background of the technology as well as see a large number of demos that highlight the strengths of both frameworks.

    16:30 | Angular Panel

    All speakers

    17:00 | Closing Remarks


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    In 2019 we are running

    ComponentsConf 2019

    There will be no separate Angular Conf event

  • Articles

    How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Angular Conf Australia

    Spaces are limited and it’s first come first served. Last year’s conference have been sold out in two weeks.

    This year the conference will be twice bigger with more international speakers and more value. Most employers realized the value their company would gain from sending their employees to the conference, however, often you have to show your boss how the company could benefit and be persistent in your requests... read full article

  • TEAM

    The Angular Conf Australia has been created by founders of Angular Melbourne Meetup - one of the largest web development communities in Australia with over 3700 members. All founders have an esteemed career involving participation and organisation of events on an international level.

    Alex Burakevych is the founder of Angular Conf Australia and Angular Melbourne. He created large and vibrant tech community in Australia.

    Robin Buckley is a charismatic speaker and Angular advocate who has been actively involved in the tech community.

  • Location

    Showtime Events Centre

    61 South Wharf Promenade, South Wharf VIC 3006 (near DFO)

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